Christmas Movies


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Get into the festive spirit and join us in the Indoor Pop-up Cinema for screenings of some of the most magical Christmas movies.

Enjoy pop-corn and other tasty treats as you watch your Christmas heroes on the big screen, in the comfort and warmth of our retro style movie theatre.

The indoor Pop-up Cinema runs from Saturday 17th to Friday 23rd December and is located in the former Library building in Redmond Square (behind Sam McCauleys).

Prices: Adult €9/Child €5

Saturday 17th December 

Home Alone – 5pm

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Elf – 8pm

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Sunday 18th December

Miracle on 34th Street – 5pm

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Meet me in St. Louis – 8pm

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Tuesday 20th December

Cinema Paradiso – 8pm

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Wednesday 21st December

Arthur Christmas – 5pm

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Die Hard – 8pm

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Thursday 22nd December

Love Actually – 8pm

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Friday 23rd December

Frozen – 5pm

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It’s a Wonderful Life – 8pm

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